Act II: A Saint of Sin in a Den of Thieves

Trickster was a red-skinned silver-tongued devil who'd rather lurk amongst criminals than live on a reservation. Diana Maria was a gorgeous señorita content to live a care-free life with her market and her memories. As luck would have it, when their paths crossed and their eyes met, their fates were sealed.

As bad luck would have it, her father was the sworn enemy of his uncle in a long-standing crime feud that was growing dirtier and deadlier by the day. As the star-crossed lovers speed towards their destiny, bad guys and good guys, cowboys and Indians, and even the Mexican mob all descend upon them in an explosive climax. But when you're on the run, and under the gun, how far would you go for lust?

Praying Hot Pink Hands To find our more information about this epic short film trilogy, check out the inmates running the cinematic asylum over at Mad Ones Films