Act I: The Missionary Man

The first in a series of scintillating & salacious short film promos for "The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus," comes a holy-rollin highfalutin hilarious infomercial from Mad Ones Films. And so, if the holy (and generous) spirit strikes, please feel free to donate to Mad Ones Films, so that they may bring the light of the gospel of the HPJ Trilogy to the silver screens and be the saviours of your bad behaviour!

What's the best nation in the world? That's right sinners saints, it's DONATION!!!

In an homage to the naughty 1.900 Number adverts of yesteryear meets a manic Ms. Cleo, Mad Ones Films is pruriently proud to present the first, in our brand new series of HPJ Trilogy promo shorts, behold, on this day you shall receive... "The Nymphomercials"!!!







Praying Hot Pink Hands To find our more information about this epic short film trilogy, check out the inmates running the cinematic asylum over at Mad Ones Films